Why your favorite restaurant may shut down

Every time you launch a food delivery app like uber, do you know it may potentially shut down the restaurant you are ordering from? Don’t panic – you are getting misled by the doomsday tone.

By shut down, we don’t exactly mean shut down. You will still be able to order food from the restaurant, just not visit it physically. That’s because we think your restaurant will shift inside your phone; more precisely, in a restaurant delivery app. Similarly, your favorite pizza parlor will be accessible through a pizza delivery app, and so on.

Food delivery services are giving many restaurants a run for their money. These food delivery apps provide people food right at their doorstep with minimum hassle and interaction. All you have to do is just open the app, search your favorite restaurant, and in no time the food will be on its way to you.

Yet, a food delivery service app cannot possibly compete with the physical dining experience a restaurant’s dine-in can provide. The ambiance of an outdoor location cannot be competed with; this is especially true for high-end restaurants that serve you food at exotic spots.

The competition between the two options is fierce. Both have their merits that cannot be ignored.

For instance, a liquor delivery app will bring you your favorite drink, but savoring that same drink at a fancy place has its own charm.

But delivery apps are not necessarily the bad guys. Many offer multiple delivery services. For example, you can order personal items and Italian at the same time with an on-demand delivery app.

Still, your favorite diner or pizzeria might not agree with this. Many food joints agree that as free food delivery apps increase orders, profitability decreases. This is because third-party apps usually charge a hefty commission off each order. This paired with the courier charges shrink the overall profit margin. Thus, most restaurants believe they either have decreased profits or break even.

Some resentful restaurateurs feel tied to this food delivery model. Ben Chateau, head chef at a Toronto based eatery says the only reason he doesn’t quit such apps is due to the massive customers they bring in.

However, not everyone feels this resentment. Some welcome this new option with open arms and have had great experiences. They love the constant influx of new customers and believe it is a better option for gaining visibility amongst the audience.

This positive attitude could be because of the delivery app platform they use. For example, some 24-hour food delivery services are more flexible and small business friendly. Many provide delivery driver jobs app benefit too, with their businesses successfully eliminating courier costs. Similarly, the commission model is also different – that is they do not take a percentage of the sales.

What are your views?

4 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Crucial For Small Businesses.

Ask any top-tier company about their secrets for reaching their goals, and you will see a robust digital marketing strategy appearing as number one. Digital marketing is more flexible, affordable, and winning than traditional methods marketing. Even high-performing small-medium sized companies are finding great competition, increased engagement and improved best practices by using a digital marketing strategist.

Regardless of size of the company, digital remains a necessity for the growth of any business.

Here are five reasons why choosing digital marketing is necessary for small business.

Digital Marketing Is Less Expensive

Traditional methods of marketing, including television, print and radio are costlier because of difficulty of tracking ROI and expensive resources. On the other side, Digital marketing works on targeted research and analytics to rapidly determine which approaches are doing well and which are worthless of resources or cost. Therefore, most of the digital marketing agencies are less costly to hire.

Email Marketing Communicates Best

An efficient digital marketing strategy must cater to the likes and dislikes of the targeted audience. 72% of people prefer to hear from their favorite brands and companies through email. In order to build strong email marketing strategy, small business need to hire a smart digital marketing expert. Email marketing places targeted messaging right in front of your targeted audience, helping you generate leads.

Builds Brand Awareness Through Social Media

The chief and basic purpose of social media marketing is to create brand awareness and to win th trust of targeted audience. Since every small and medium sized company needs to get their brand recognized among masses, social media marketing can make do it effectively and smoothly. A good digital marketing specialist knows how to make the best use of social media for a newly established brand without spending hefty budget on paid marketing. So let your business be introduced to social media to stand out from the competition.

Meet your Business Goals with Digital Marketing

In order to reach business goals, you must hire a digital marketing agency to make the best digital marketing strategy. A strong digital marketing strategy is cost-effective, provides more data to let you make better decisions, and help in building customer trust. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that in this era of fast growing technology, you can’t simply meet your business goals and objectives without utilizing the tools of digital marketing. Every Small and Medium-sized business must start investigating in different channels of digital marketing like email marketing, SEO, SEM, Social media marketing, etc. for the best and quick growth of their business.


Cybersecurity best practices for small businesses

Surprising or not, small businesses face cyber attacks with a greater frequency as compared to large businesses. Take a look at these stats we found on Small Business Trends that will convince you your business needs cyber protection.

  • Out of all cyber attacks, 43 percent were targeted towards small businesses.
  • Most of the businesses do not have the means to eliminate cyber threats – only 14 percent do.
  • Customer record breaches are the greatest type of stolen data businesses are concerned about
  • Only thirty-eight percent of businesses regularly update their cybersecurity software
  • More than half of the companies that face these attacks go out of business

Here are a few protective measures to ease your mind:

Employee training

You can have all the precautions against cybersecurity in the world, but nothing can really replace this one simple step: employee training. Raising employee awareness is critical to a solid defense plan. If employees are educated about potential threats and how these can affect the bottom line, your business will have a better chance at facing threats. Data breaches caused by employee negligence and errors will also be reduced.


Phishing techniques like spam emails are something many people are aware of. With the textbook example of a spam email in mind, it is easy to assume that your employees can differentiate between malicious and non-malicious content. Consequently, more often than not, many unsuspecting employees fall trap to such content.
The methods for baiting company employees into clicking malicious content have improved considerably. Installing the latest protective measure is paramount for your business.

Reduce privileges

Cybersecurity threats can be both internal and external. The software can be installed for the external ones, but the internal threats? Putting in place a policy of having only the least amount of privileged users is one step towards battling internal threats. Assigning as few privileges as possible especially to new employees can effectively reduce the number of potential threats.

While even small businesses cannot do without sharing information with employees, those who do have access should be kept an eye on. An additional measure that allows you, the employer, to terminate the access of any employees to the information, could also be enforced


When all is said and done, nothing can quite beat having a secure backup. A breach is still possible is still possible despite all the precautions in the world. Regular backups of important documents and files are important in replacing any lost data in case of data loss. Since data loss is not just limited to cyber criminals and can occur due to physical accidents like a natural disaster, you should have data backed over the cloud to be safe.

These were the safety measures we recommend to every small business. Is yours ready to protect itself from cyber threats?