Cybersecurity best practices for small businesses

Surprising or not, small businesses face cyber attacks with a greater frequency as compared to large businesses. Take a look at these stats we found on Small Business Trends that will convince you your business needs cyber protection.

  • Out of all cyber attacks, 43 percent were targeted towards small businesses.
  • Most of the businesses do not have the means to eliminate cyber threats – only 14 percent do.
  • Customer record breaches are the greatest type of stolen data businesses are concerned about
  • Only thirty-eight percent of businesses regularly update their cybersecurity software
  • More than half of the companies that face these attacks go out of business

Here are a few protective measures to ease your mind:

Employee training

You can have all the precautions against cybersecurity in the world, but nothing can really replace this one simple step: employee training. Raising employee awareness is critical to a solid defense plan. If employees are educated about potential threats and how these can affect the bottom line, your business will have a better chance at facing threats. Data breaches caused by employee negligence and errors will also be reduced.


Phishing techniques like spam emails are something many people are aware of. With the textbook example of a spam email in mind, it is easy to assume that your employees can differentiate between malicious and non-malicious content. Consequently, more often than not, many unsuspecting employees fall trap to such content.
The methods for baiting company employees into clicking malicious content have improved considerably. Installing the latest protective measure is paramount for your business.

Reduce privileges

Cybersecurity threats can be both internal and external. The software can be installed for the external ones, but the internal threats? Putting in place a policy of having only the least amount of privileged users is one step towards battling internal threats. Assigning as few privileges as possible especially to new employees can effectively reduce the number of potential threats.

While even small businesses cannot do without sharing information with employees, those who do have access should be kept an eye on. An additional measure that allows you, the employer, to terminate the access of any employees to the information, could also be enforced


When all is said and done, nothing can quite beat having a secure backup. A breach is still possible is still possible despite all the precautions in the world. Regular backups of important documents and files are important in replacing any lost data in case of data loss. Since data loss is not just limited to cyber criminals and can occur due to physical accidents like a natural disaster, you should have data backed over the cloud to be safe.

These were the safety measures we recommend to every small business. Is yours ready to protect itself from cyber threats?


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